Lisa Viccars

Lisa Viccars
Hypnotherapy Tutor

Lisa is our Teeside Based Tutor.

My name is Lisa Viccars and I am very proud to be part of the Northern College of Clinical Hypnotherapy. I am so looking forward to facilitating your learning on this journey to an amazing profession.

Hypnotherapy is an effective and fascinating therapy to overcome self-limiting beliefs, phobias and trauma. I love how it can also be used to enhance talent and discipline through sports performance and assisting with focus and motivation. The positives of hypnotherapy really are limitless.

A little bit about me…

I love caffeine and life. My attitude is gratitude. I have always searched out different ways to tackle the problems that life inevitably throws at us. I love to get out in nature. Sunset/sunrise walks at the beach and forest walks in summer are my perfect days.

Alternative therapies are something that have been a part of my tool kit for as long as I can remember. Healing and helping people is something I have always tried to do.

Fast forward a small amount of years and I am a hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner, meditation teacher, children's wellbeing teacher and mnemodynamic therapist who is committed to assisting people to reprogram their subconscious and achieve the very best of results for themselves.

I am an energy healer working with reiki, seichem and cartouche energies. I'm obsessed with crystals, essential oils and tea. I love to use EFT alongside hypnotherapy as I think it is an excellent tool, that the client can repeat at home, with immediate results.