Amanda Joy

Amanda Joy
Director Of Studies

Amanda is our Newcastle based Tutor provides Online training and is The Director of Studies.

For over 20 years now, I have worked as a therapist. I have had the opportunity to explore the magic, the power and potential of the human mind. Even to the extent that even now, I am amazed and even shocked at some of the wonderful changes I have witnessed in people.

Welcome to my passion; allow me to present you with a gift, a gift that no one can ever take away from you.

Expect nothing from me but passion, expect a life changing experience, expect fun.  All I expect from you is an open mind, patience, a willingness to learn and a genuine desire to help others.

We are currently on the crest of a wave, where modern clinical hypnosis, once a mystical and magical power, is becoming more and more acceptable to our society. Mainly due to technological advancement within the medical industry, hypnosis has now been transformed from a mystical art to a scientific phenomenon.

Ask questions, question yourself, open your mind to new and exciting ideas and ways of life. But most of all unleash your own potential, open the barriers that restrict you, and take this opportunity to learn from my experiences and mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to love another person that may be all s/he is lacking. Work from your heart and be forgiving, passionate and empathic.

Step into the wonderful world Clinical hypnotherapy, unleash you potential and be a beacon of light in your communities.